The wettest place in Lincoln?

The Year 2’s were baffled when it started to rain in Saxilby and Mrs Hicks phoned home to tell Mr Hicks, in Welton, to bring the washing in. To our surprise he told us it wasn’t raining there ! We looked on a map and saw how close to Saxilby Welton is and it made us think […]

Happy Australia Day!

We have had a great day celebrating Australia day. We enjoyed creating pictures of Captain Cook’s ship Endeavour. The children used natural resources and worked in groups to create some amazing works of art. I was really impressed with how well they worked as a team and how they used the resources. They then took part in […]

Statement or question ?

We have been learning what is a question and what is a statement. We have been asking questions. What will the weather be like tomorrow? Will it snow? We have also been turning questions into statements It will be cold tomorrow. It won’t snow this week.

Division Madness !

This week in Spain class we have been dividing by sharing and grouping. The children have been using the numicon to help them solve division problems. If you need an expert to divide any goodies out at home then they will be ready for the job !

Mad about Science.

We have had a great week investigating solids ,liquids and gas. We know that water is a solid when it is cooled and a gas when it is heated. We also discovered that we can turn the steam back to water by cooling it and the water back to ice. We discussed whether the same […]

Happy New Year to you all !

It is lovely to welcome all the children back into school and to hear about what they have been doing over the Christmas period. We had had a great start to the new term by introducing our new topic ‘Seeking Fortune’. The children have found out that we will learning about all things Australian over the […]