Ready Steady Cook

What a great time we have had today cooking a delicious apple and apricot pastry. We used our claw grip to carefully cut the apples and slice the apricots. We rolled and pinched the pastry to trap the delicious fruits in. A big thank you to the kitchen for kindly cooking our pastries  and for […]

Sporting Friday.

We really enjoyed being out in the sunshine on Friday. We played games where we had to take care to move around the playground without touching anyone else. Then we  had our first time at using the hockey sticks and controlling the movements of a ball- which was very tricky !

Big decision of Class Spain!

Meet our school council candidates. Tomorrow we will be voting for a girl and a boy who will represent our class on the school council. These are the children who would like to be considered for the role and they will be convincing their classmates by telling them how they are the best person for the […]

Obstacle fun !

We had a great morning creating obstacle courses and using our bossy instruction voices to tell our friends what to do. Don’t worry we will be writing clear instructions for you to follow if you would like to try the obstacle courses yourself.

Mystery in Spain Class !

Our Wow day was very nearly spoilt when Mrs Hicks discovered her ring had gone missing and the classroom had been turned upside down. Luckily she was able to count on Saxilby Superhero who are currently trying to solve the crime. The children were fantastic at spotting clues and piecing events together. With the children’s help we […]