Spelling bees.

Just to inform you that I will be keeping the spelling books over half term to review and regroup children to make sure they get the spellings they need next term. They have all tried really hard with spellings this term and Mrs Hall and I are super proud.

Movie time!

We had a super time today at the Kinema today which started with a a fabulous journey on the top deck of a double decker bus. The children all looked great in their superhero costumes and it was a delight to see their faces as the curtain rose and the movie began. We all enjoyed […]

Fab Friday !

We had a great day today in Spain! It started off with share and a super musical performance. We then went into the hall and had a look at what films used to be like. We loved the comedy sketches and couldn’t believe that a film with no words could be as interesting as the […]

Has anybody seen Mrs Twit?

Today we received a letter from Mr Twit  who asked us to help find Mrs Twit who has gone missing. We have risen to the challenge and have created posters that describe Mrs Twit perfectly. We might even invite Mr Twit to our grammar lesson and teach him about proper nouns needing a capital letter!

Who is the lady with the lamp?

This week we started learning about Florence Nightingale. We looked at pictures and talked about the conditions of the hospitals that Florence worked in.We built a timeline of her life and then tried to think about how Florence solved the soldiers problem. We now know that Florence was a living superhero and we are super […]