Happy Half Term

We have had a great day to end the half term. We all enjoyed performing our musical number at Share and we hope the grown ups enjoyed reading our stories. We then just had to go outside to get a taste of the snow on our tongues, it was only a flurry but we were all so excited. Then we had a tricky science investigation to find the best substance to use to fill a crater on the moon. We thought about what would suit the job as it had to be able to bend, twist, stretch and squash in order to fit the different areas. We all loved the gloop and just couldn’t believe how it was hard and runny at the same time.

Its’s lucky that we all still had enough energy for our PE lesson as Mrs Wilkinson let us use the new equipment. We really had to think about how we could move on the boards and which muscles we need to use.

I hope that you all have a fabulous half term holiday. I have set some maths challenges on mathletics for you to have a go at. We were o busy we didn’t get time for a spelling test today.

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