Welcome back Class Spain!

We have had a super couple of days getting used to the new classroom environment. It was been really lovely to hear all about how the children have spent their holidays. Our ‘Wow Day’ for the new topic, Marvellous Me will be on Friday so please log on and look at what we have been doing.

Grand project display.

A huge well done to all the children for their outstanding project work. They have all worked really hard over the past weeks on their home learning projects and it was wonderful to see the different work displayed. The children had chosen lots of different ways to plan and create their exhibition work and I was delighted to see the effort and thought that they had put into their work. The whole school was able to come and view the work and the children gave clear explanations about their habitats. Well done everyone !

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside !

This week we have learnt about the different features of a seaside. We looked at seaside resorts from the past and compared them with how they look today. We then designed our own seaside games, making up the rules and deciding what equipment we needed to build them. After a busy few days preparing the games we were ready for the big day.

We started our beach day by setting up our games and inviting the year 3’s to try them out. At lunch we enjoyed a delicious fish and chips picnic on the field. During the afternoon we were able to share the games with our grown ups and they all looked like they were having fun. The day was rounded off with an ice cream and Punch and Judy show.

Week in the sun !

We started off the week with a visit from Zoolab. It was GREAT ! We had the chance to handle the different animals and learn about the habitats they live in. We have also really enjoyed the sunshine and have made the most of our lovely playing field to keep cool.

This afternoon we made sure that we sent our lovely cleaner Sue off on holiday with a smile on her face. Tomorrow she will be getting married so we made sure we gave her a Saxilby celebration send off!

Church visit

This afternoon we had a short trip out to St Botolphs church. We had a really lovely time exploring the church and learning the names of the different features. The children then took it in turns to have a go at speaking in the pulpit. They thought about what they were thankful for at this time of year. However probably the most exciting part of the trip was that we were caught in the hail storm on the way back to school.

Life cycles and testing

This week we have set up our experiments to find out where the cress will grow best. We have made predictions and made sure that our test is fair. The pots have been placed in three different locations and we will see over the next few days what the outcome is. We have also been learning about the life cycle  of a plant and the children where confused as to how flowers can spread to fill a field. The children are working in groups to produce their own diagram to explain this. They will then be writing up their explanations in a report.

Watch this space for the results of our experiment and to view the reports.

Busy times in Spain !

There has been lots of learning happening in Spain Class.

We have been learning about the different parts of the daffodil and what job they do. The children were challenged to  label  the parts of a daffodil. We then learnt about the functions of the parts they had labelled.

In maths we have used our fraction mats to work out 1/2 1/4 2/4 and 3/4 .of different amounts. I will be setting mathletics homework to help children practice working out fractions of amounts.

In PE we have been telling a story to music through dance. The children enjoyed being Red Riding Hood and The Wolf to music.